About Us

Welcome to Unicorn Squad - online club for all loving unusual, quirky bags and packs. You will find an awesome collection of Unicorn Fanny packs, Printed Backpacks and Colorful Cosmetic Bags in our store.

Unicorn Squad offers a colorful array of durable and lightweight bags created to make life beautiful and easy.

Our products are fanciful, long-lasting, and above all functional. We sell fun, colorful designs that are always relevant and never out of fashion. At Unicorn we feel personal style is more important to have than trendy style and that is why our products are always tailored to fill those needs.

What we offer

For every bag we sell and deliver to customers, there is a mark of quality attached to them. We try sincerely to really provide excellent and above standard service and products to our beloved customers.

We have a collection of colorful and super cute draw bags you can pick from. There are lovely backpacks that can be taken with you on-the-go.  The catchy graphic prints that are appealing and familiar to you on these bags will bring a unique and modern touch to your style. Nice and light on the outside, the Fanny Packs features some extra compartments for you to keep your things organized.  The Home makeup bags are delightfully attractive and amazing to use. They can be carried along easily on the go or kept safely within the house. 

What we do

Unicorn offers an exciting merchandise assortment of fashionable and affordable products that helps you organize yourself and the things around you. Whatever the occasion, our products are built to last and to make life easy. 

We are a customer friendly business and our philosophy is built around delivering quality products to every customer.  If you have questions about your order or products, we're happy to help.

You can reach us at: 123-456-7890. If you would rather send us an email, then you can contact us at: info@unicornsquad.club. We are always online to respond within 24 hours.